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Stanley Cohen – “Tomorrow will be a difficult day…”

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This is the statement from Stanley Cohen, a person with great moral fortitude, a man who stands by his beliefs and not his baggage, a good guy.


All of us here at LeakSource wish you the best of luck and will continue to support you throughout the future.


  1. hey stan when you get out go live in egypt and stay there. hamas are stone cold killers hope you are next!


  2. Hello,

    I have to respect the guy, even though I am not in favor of Hamas.

    Having fought many battles, in a war zone, in legal battles, and others, I greatly enjoyed reading his statement.

    My longest legal battle lasted eighteen years. Three trials in Federal court. BTW, I won.

    My favorite part is where he starts, “Mourn not for me…” and read it to the end.

    My best wishes go with him in his quest for justice.

    Bill Moore


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