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Mockery: Mind Weapon of the Illuminati

In News, NWO on March 15, 2014 at 5:26 AM

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Sarah Silverman: “My partner and i want to have an
abortion, but we’re having trouble conceiving.”

Bill Cosby’s legendary gentle observations about friends and family
are a world away from the destructive lifestyles and values
that are today’s stand-up comedy.

The term “shock jocks” was first associated with Howard Stern. But many stand-up comedians are engaged in assaulting our sense of decency, and lowering our standards.
by Ron (

As a child of the 1950s I recall with fondness the role that humor played in forming my character and values.   Shows like The Life of Riley, Father Knows Best, My Three Sons, I Love Lucy, I Married Joan, My Little Margie, (many can be viewed on youtube) and so many more, featured characters who respected and loved each other. The humor arose from misunderstandings among the characters, not from impulses toward the perverse.

Exactly when television comedy made the big transition from positive to negative values, I can’t say for sure, but I first noticed it when I watched the first few episodes of Saturday Night Live.  The humor, which I didn’t find funny, was based primarily on mockery.  The sketches mocked every positive value and every positive person imaginable.  It was if the writers were instructed to create scripts that intentionally sought to belittle humanity’s better nature, and thus destroy it.

Chastity, honesty, religion, the entire list of positive values that created this thing we call civilization, were mocked for two hours every Saturday night.  The show was promoted by reviewers as hip and with it.  If you didn’t like it, there was something wrong with you.

My response was to stop watching, except to check in once or twice a year to see if my initial opinion was wrong.  Eventually I gave up hoping for something better and haven’t watched the show even once for the last 20 years.  I don’t waste my time with garbage.

TV situation comedies quickly picked up the pattern and shows were created around the Illuminati agenda:  mock positive values and present the mockery as sophisticated humor.  Thus, we saw characters mired in neurosis, relating to each other through the insult.  Insult humor, toilet humor, sex humor, mockery of good people and good values became the order of the day.

I have wisely avoided television to a large extent for the last 20 years, recognizing an Illuminati psy op intended to debase me and everyone around me.  Thus, most of the entertainment shows produced the last two decades I’ve never seen.

However, when a TV star named Charlie Sheen made the news a couple of years ago, I relented and watched his show Two and a Half Men.  Although Sheen himself seemed loopy, I was hoping that here might be a show that reflected positive values, including the notion that masculinity is a positive value.  After watching three episodes, all filled with a disrespectful, sexually obsessed child and his two sexually obsessed adult male guardians, I pulled the plug.

As an alternative, I tried out a show called Family Guy.  Finally, a nice family-oriented comedy that would bring back the fond memories of youth.  Was I wrong!  That show promotes incest, bestiality, and pedophilia under the guise of humor. It seemed to me to be the most Satanic creation I had ever seen, going beyond most hard-core pornography in mocking every family value.  Even the name of the show is itself a mockery of families.

Stand-up comedy is another entertainment form that has taken the low road.  Most of my exposure to stand up came through Johnny Carson’s nightly monologue and the comedians he featured on The Tonight Show.  Bob Newhart, Bob Hope, Bill Cosby, and Don Rickles are comedy legends who kept it clean, at least on TV, perhaps getting a little naughty every now and then, but never promoting destructive values.

But Bill Cosby’s legendary gentle observations about friends and family are a world away from the destructive lifestyles and values that are today’s stand-up comedy.  Although I don’t watch them, if you follow the news, you’ll read about the latest “shock and mock” comedian’s contribution to the raunch culture.  Sarah Silverman comes to mind with her now famous, “I would kill Jesus Christ again” punch line.  Russell Brand promotes drug use, while potty mouthed Margaret Cho’s stand up promotes bisexuality and gay marriage.  None of this is funny, much less productive.

Mockery of the good may seem harmless enough–after all, who could be against having a laugh?  But mockery destroys our belief in the good and ultimately our ability to discern the good from the bad.


We live in a world that is rapidly devolving from civilization to savagery.  The rich are growing richer while many devolve into their sexual obsessions, porn, drug addiction, incest, pedophilia, crime, racial conflict, and a host of other pathologies.

Humor, specifically, humor that mocks positive values is used by the Illuminati to enslave us by promoting those pathologies.  It’s far from the only weapon, but it’s insidious because we usually don’t notice it, as we laugh along with the “funnyman” on TV or in the movies.  Indeed, TV comedy shows are probably the primary means by which the power elites subtly influence us in a negative way.

“It’s just entertainment,” they say.  If you don’t like it, use the off button.  If only it were so easy.  No one of good conscience should willingly ignore the negativity foisted on us as entertainment.

Many people probably feel a subconscious twinge of discomfort at laughing at the mockery of morality.  But we see the world through a glass darkly and we are often blind to understanding that laughing at a joke that mocks morality opens us to sinking into the bottomless pit of immorality.

Laugh and be happy.  Find your humor in everyday life–in the giggling of a child, the dog chasing his tail, and in the positives that you know in your heart represent true happiness.

  1. “Illuminati” = The jew.


  2. It’s all through TV ads too, like insurance company’s promoting SE Asian sex tourism for 40 years plus white Australian women in a comedic fashion. What’s that got to do with bloody insurance? It’s really disgusting. When I point it out to my wife, she really does start to see. So you can use it as inoculation’s for your family in small doses.


  3. Look for comedians of northern European ancestry. Jim Gaffigan is nearly family-friendly. Bill Burr has a dirty mouth, but he uses it to make progressives profoundly uncomfortable by undermining their taboos. Classic line: “‘There is no reason to ever hit a woman.’ Really? Because I can think of about 17 without even trying.”


  4. Agreed. Comedy has been hi-jacked as a tool for propaganda. Very small children find having a dig at anything funny – for adults to allow themselves to be dumbed down to that level is astonishing.


  5. Reblogged this on Mindweapons in Ragnarok and commented:
    Interesting that this Leak Source person is using the term Mind Weapon. I don’t think he’s a commenter at MWIR, so my little meme seems to have caught on. Interesting post about TV sitcoms — I always found sitcoms to be extreme Mind War agianst us.


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