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A Virtual Conversation with Julian Assange @ SXSW – 03/08/2014

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With recent disclosures about online surveillance, Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, continues his dedication to the pursuit of individual privacy and transparency.

Labeled everything from martyr, anarchist, whistle-blower, hero or tyrant, Assange has ignited international headlines over the past six years, arguably becoming one of the most polarizing and provocative figures of our time.

During this one-on-one conversation with The Barbarian Group’s Benjamin Palmer, Assange will discuss the importance of online privacy, the ethical and political implications of releasing classified information into the public realm, and the concept of the “Internet Nation”.

The interview will also address subjects including the relationship between government surveillance and national security, the implications of online democracy, and the future of the Internet.

Video via digitalfolklore

Q: Any Upcoming Leaks?

Assange: Yes there’s important upcoming material. I don’t like to give timeframes because it tends to give the opponents of that material too much notice about how to prepare their spin lines … I don’t think it’s right to give the alleged perpetrator/organization with lots of power the heads-up before the alleged victims.

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  1. […] A Virtual Conversation with Julian Assange @ SXSW – 03/08/2014 […]


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