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Agent Provocateur Captured in Kiev Riots

In Archive, Ukraine on February 23, 2014 at 1:22 PM

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The video below show a scene following a group of Russian Police through what seems to be a demolished barricade.

The scene then shows what seems to be Identification papers to the International Police Association, as a man is sitting on ground screen right.

The man is bleeding from his nose it seems, but is given some water and other wise seems uninjured.

This seems to be a policeman that has been caught, perhaps an agent provocateur acting alone or in a small group.

The CIA Agent idea comes undone as agents do not carry any items that would link them to American backing..this is like a Union ticket or Ship Builders Ticket.

The huge power behind the Ukraine propaganda only has itself to blame for creative video title spin.

The leaked call of American State Department exclaiming “FUCK THE EU” was not enough to open peoples eyes, the tear filled pleas of an ice skating princess would.

Even the most politically inactive people could see the fake on fake in this one.

Another suggestion is to go and search the Wikileaks realises on some of the names that keep popping up in the media.

You will soon discover the historical corruptions that have plagued Ukraine for a Century.


Interview with Ukraine Journalist 23rd February 2014

  1. yulia rules!


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