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Interpol Terrorism Conference – Sydney 2014

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More than 200 delegates from 60 countries are in Sydney for the convention.

They are sharing information and experiences on advances in bomb technology, cyber-terrorism and the threat posed by lone terrorists.

Also attending the conference is Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Tony Negus who says stopping Australians leaving to fight in Syria is a priority.

“As you can appreciate we certainly wouldn’t be talking about specifics but there are a range of investigations we have underway into others who are looking to facilitate people to go into those conflict zones and they’re at various stages of progression but yes, there are other investigations underway and we continue to work very hard to ensure those people are brought to justice.”

Australian Attorney – General , George Brandis says that Australia is still a significant target for terror attacks.

“None of the intelligence that we are seeing suggests that the threat of terrorism is diminished and I think one of the many reasons why this very large number of senior officials is meeting in Sydney over these few days is because there is an acknowledgement that the need to counter terrorism remains, at both a national and international level, one of the most important priorities of law enforcement.”


  1. let them go fight and hope they die. we dont need the scum here! the importent thing is not to ever let them come back in! shoot on sight!


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