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Ransomware – Target Pharmacy

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The Pharmacy Industry has become the latest target for “ransomware”.
The CPU locker is sent with an official looking letter head and and demands a payment within a certain time period. If the ransom is not paid the computer is locked and rendered near useless.
This type of malware has been around in a number of different formats and has given rise to a number of open source remedies which successfully remove the malware.AFPlocked-small

The recent module of the malware highlights the importance of backing up important customer and industry information. It is also interesting how the major computer protection companies have remained mute over this phenomenon  of ransom ware.

The globalisation of ransomware can be seen as the currency changes as it moves from continent to continent. Sometimes spread inadvertently, sometimes by ignorances and stupidity.

Below is a video showing how the recent digitalisation of the Pharmacy Industry has made it a target for unscrupulous criminal organisations. As more industries come to rely on the internet for core business growth, more targets will avail themselves.

Asleep at the wheel, technology, software and computer companies need to lift their game…or risk a deflation of public confidence which could render a once trusted industry into a worthless shell.


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