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Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing with President’s NSA Review Group

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Starts @ 15m10s


Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Report of the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies

President’s NSA Review Group Report

NSA Review Group:

Richard A. Clarke

Michael J. Morell

Geoffrey R. Stone

Cass R. Sunstein

Peter Swire

nsa-review-group-linksUPDATE 01/17/2014Obama Announces NSA Reforms (w/ Presidential Directive + Greenwald & Assange Responses)

Central African Republic – Cannibalism Revenge

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In the Central African Republic  capitol, Bangui a Muslim man was attacked by Christians and in an act of revenge his killer Cannibalised part of his

Christian fighters have commenced a series of revenge attacks after years of sectarian violence.

The deep beliefs in magic act as a catalyst in this ongoing civil violence.

De-Manufacturing Consent – the whistleblower’s muzzle

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Stanley Cohen speaking on Boiling Frog regarding the PayPal14 case and the ‘hipster publisher” Pierre Omidya, who has ostensibly ‘purchased’ the Snowden NSA leak documents.

Pierre has shown a complete lack of any notional thinking by ingratiating himself into the Snowden releases, fronting $250 million dollars in a “news”  venture, hoping to absolve the fact that his previous business associates and PayPal co-founder, Peter Thiel, who founded Palantir, a private security firm was involved in a organised and systematic attempt to discredit and destroy Wikileaks. And in an act of sheer arrogance not dissimilar to Pierre and his leniency tweet, apologised, as “ChamberLeaks” was splashed all over the internet.

The issue regarding $86 thousand dollars restitution…YOU PAY IT Pierre!

The PayPal dot com Blog was the target for the DDoS which suffered a 33 minutes ‘downtime’. The PayPal case is more akin to extortion on what may have seemed to be a marginalised small group of kids on computers. An easy target that would n’t fight back. Wrong!Loic

One can only laugh at the bewildered gaggle of executives, running around into walls wishing they had never met Aaron Barr..


Further to this , listen to John Young from Cryptome speaking with Corbett Report  discussing the Omidya / Snowden buy out conflict of interest. (17th Dec 2013)

Below is the flyer which was posted to announce the Operation. As can be clearly seen the target is the PayPal dot com…this is something which was chosen specifically because all it would do is cause inconvenience. And with this inconvenience, an idea that people would become aware of a vastly more convoluted and insipid injustice..The Wikileaks Financial Blockade,  DDoSing the bog did not stop PayPal for processing or doing any of its normal day to day operations. The dot com blog was only down for an accrued 33 minutes over a ten hour period.


As for what has already been done,…restitution lies in the responsibility of those who encurred costs on behalf of PayPal, the internal managers who shifted labour resources and tried to shore up their position by crying “criminal damage” and make a spectacle of their abilities to manipulate and waiver the laws. Making up numbers and believing their own corporate justice would not sully their bonus points. Pathetic.

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