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Schoolboy and the Public Transport System Error

In Activism, Anonymous, Archive, Australia, Australia, China, Surveillance, Technology, Tor, WikiLeaks, World Revolution on January 8, 2014 at 5:52 AM

via digitalfolklore

A sixteen year old school boy in Victoria, Australia was searching prices for public transport when he discovered an error in the site.

After briefly exploring the vulnerability the error was reported to Public Transport Victoria and was promptly fixed.

This is yet another example of how Australian State and Federal Governments are failing to follow basic protocols in cyber security of the public data.

In an unexpected knee jerk reaction , PTV have handed the case over to the Victoria Police, in a further demonstration of their inability to take responsibility and manage anything other that a bowel movement.

The “what- if” scenarios are now a purely academic exercise, thanks to the quick response of the school boy in reporting the error to PTV.

Something which PTV and Victoria Police need to understand as a measure of good faith…maybe a free Myki card for a year would be an appropriate reward.


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