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Invisibility Cloak – US Airforce Invisible Sea Shell Trick.

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The United States Air Force is experimenting with results from Victorian researchers which has sought to develop light-bending technology, which could be used to as a type of camouflage effect for military applications.

The technology which is under research  could theoritically allow an armed force to make troops, tanks, planes and ships effectively invisible. This capability would also have huge strategic advantage as a surveillance avoidance.

It would enable a variety of  new techniques for all areas of military deployment and would enhance the capabilities of “Stealth” technology. Another area in which it may be utilised is in the extraction of injured troops.

The Australian scientists are using modelling which is based on the  Nacre or ‘mother-of-pearl’ similar to what is found in an Abalone shell to work out how to control the direction of light.

The theory is that light could be bent around objects, therefore rendering them effectively ‘invisible’.

The secrecy of the technology also means that even if the research is used no one will know.


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  2. don’t be fooled. the u.s. military uses technology WAY beyond this bs.


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