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FBI LulzSec Files

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DBA Press and the Center for Media and Democracy have published FBI records pertaining to Anonymous “hacktivist” group LulzSec. The heavily redacted records were released by the FBI on December 6, 2013, in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request submitted on August 9, 2013.

Some highlights include:

– records that discuss “hacktivist” informant activity reference Backtrace Security, a group that purports to be a spinoff of Anonymous, taking an adversarial stance to the political activities of both Anonymous and LulzSec.

One of the goals of Backtrace Security is to put an end to the current incarnation of Anonymous. Backtrace Security has also attempted to identify members of Lulzsec and shut down their operations.

[REDACTED] has agreed to work with the writer [REDACTED THROUGH REMAINDER OF PARAGRAPH].

– records reference the arrest and subsequent informant activity of Hector Xavier Monsegur. Known as “Sabu,” Monsegur was arrested by federal agents in Albany, New York in June of 2011. The records, while heavily redacted, reference Monsegur’s work as an FBI “Confidential Human Source” (CHS) in New York. FBI records also mention a second “hacktivist” CHS obtained by the FBI in Albany in 2011. The records go on to discuss work of New York Confidential Human Sources with the FBI in operations in Tampa, Florida.

The most visible result of Monsegur’s work on behalf of the FBI was the arrest and indictment of Jeremy Hammond. Hammond pled guilty and was sentenced to ten years in federal prison in November for his role in hacking and leaking files belonging to the private security/intelligence firm, Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor).

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  1. As Hammond stated on record and testified to, there would have been no STRATFOR hack were it not for Sabu and his FBI handlers.

    The hack, along with the foreign server hacks, were a means of entrapment of LulzSec by the FBI.

    The legal onus of responsibility should be on the FBI agents that encouraged it, not LulzSec members.

    While the government can “justify” their other hacks with the empty, unethical response that they were foreign servers of interest to US intelligence agencies, STRATFOR was a domestic, US-based online publishing company.

    This is criminal, and unconstitutional (both the 1st and 4th Amendments).

    When one takes into consideration STRATFOR’s consistent anti-intervention stance (in regards to US military policy), criticism of the Iraq invasion and of both the Iraq and Afghanistan occupation strategies, the Libya campaign, the criticism of the use of military contractors as opposed to increasing regular military forces, criticism of Fast and Furious and other failed government law enforcement policies, it seems begins to be quite obvious that the hack of STRATFOR was government revenge for their criticisms of policies.

    This is a US company we are talking about. And the government we are talking about that was behind the hack has a maniacal obsession with journalists’ sources; STRATFOR was a US-based online publishing and analysis company that had lots of sources in the US and around the world.

    All of whom were exposed in the FBI initiated, overseen and materially assisted hack.

    Taking into consideration that the government:

    a) Chose that US-based and US citizen employing STRATFOR was to be hacked
    b) Likely directed Sabu to engage in a disinformation campaign, and likely told him what exact disinformation had to be spread against STRATFOR to justify the hack of an online publishing company that provided an alternative, non-six media conglomerate owned and non-DC beltway loyal voice before, during and after the hack
    c) Provided the server that LulzSec used to transfer the, according to the court’s own claims, stolen emails for distribution to Wikileaks, which the FBI allowed to happen with no interruptions.

    means that the FBI (and any other alphabet agency that took part in the hack) itself initiated, planned, coordinated, and provided material support for the hack, which was a violation of STRATFOR’s (along with all of its employees, clients and subscribers) 4th Amendment rights to – if one looks at STRATFOR’s consistent anti-interventionism and anti-beltway establishment positions – discredit, embarass and strip STRATFOR of its privacy as an organization, and its employees and readers, as individuals.

    The obvious end goal was to attempt to silence them, to strip them of their 1st Amendment right, because according to George Friedman, STRATFOR contacted the FBI in early December about the credit card breach – the main hack took place on Christmas Eve 2011.

    US tax dollars at work, making all of you safe from terrorists (!?!?).

    It is the FBI and other alphabet agency agents that took part directly or indirectly in the hack, and not Hammond and LulzSec, that should be serving long prison sentences.

    This also begs the question, why was Chelsea Manning sentenced for handing information over to Wikileaks when the FBI did it via LulzSec via proxy in the bizarre government conspiracy against a US-based company and its US-based and foreign employees.

    All of this is a continuation of this governments war for sources and war against freedom of speech, expression and criticism against bad government policies.

    The elephant in the room is that the government handed over STRATFOR’s emails to Wikileaks with no interruption.

    The question that has to be asked, especially by Wikileaks, is why the FBI wanted it to happen to begin with.

    The government obviously wanted to embarass STRATFOR (both the Bush and Obama administrations, and by default, both Republican and Democratic party-liners within the FBI, had hundreds of critical analysis of their domestic, foreign and military policies as motivation) as an organization or maybe some individual employees, in addition to outing journalistic, academic, US government and or military sources of STRATFOR’s, as well as all foreign sources in various areas of the world, in various fields of employment, in multiple countries of high interest to US intelligence agencies.

    The entire affair has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with law enforcement and everything to do with government abuse of power to silence dissent (be it Anonymous hacktivists or STRATFOR the online publishing company) and gain access to a media organization’s sources.


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