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Sen. Rand Paul Filing Class-Action Lawsuit Against NSA

In Archive, NSA, Rand Paul, Surveillance on January 4, 2014 at 12:43 AM


Republican Sen. Rand Paul says he is filing a class-action lawsuit against the Obama administration over the data-collection policies of the National Security Agency. In an interview Friday night on the Fox News show “Hannity,” the Kentucky Republican told host Eric Bolling several hundred thousand people have already signed-up, and believes everyone in the U.S. with a cellphone would be eligible to join the suit as a class action.

On his website, he’s urging Americans to join the lawsuit. Paul says that people who want to join the suit are telling the government that it can’t have access to emails and phone records without permission or without a specific warrant.

A legal counsel for Paul says he expects the case will be similar to another NSA suit filed by Larry Klayman. U.S. District Judge Richard Leon agreed with Klayman’s arguments last month, ruling that the NSA’s metadata collection violates the Fourth Amendment. The Paul advisor said that lawyers are now studying Leon’s ruling to formulate arguments for their class-action case.

UPDATE 02/12/2014 Rand Paul/FreedomWorks NSA Class-Action Lawsuit

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