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CSEC 101: Foundational Learning Curriculum

In Archive, Canada, CSEC, FOIA, Surveillance on December 31, 2013 at 7:00 AM


Colin Freeze/GlobeAndMail:

The “CSEC 101: Foundational Learning Curriculum,” comprises dozens of PowerPoint decks that are intended to help new employees at the Ottawa agency find their feet. The Globe and Mail obtained the 650-page manual through Access to Information laws.

These partly redacted presentations from 2012 do not speak to the kinds of CSEC spying lately brought to light by former American contractor Edward Snowden – the leaked operational slides that allegedly show CSEC spying on Brazil’s energy sector and also taking steps to keep tabs on foreign diplomats at G20 meetings.

Rather, the “learning curriculum” – complete with arcane acronyms and occasional illustrations from The Simpsons – speaks to the bureaucratic banalities behind the job, and a culture of extreme caution in terms of protecting information from outsiders.


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