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Norway’s NIS Spies on Russia Politicians, Energy, Armament for NSA

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A Top Secret document shows the extensive cooperation between the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) and the US National Security Agency (NSA). It confirms and specifies that Norway is conducting surveillance on Russia and that the NIS is sharing intelligence information with the NSA.

The NIS provides the NSA with information on:

• Politicians
• Energy
• Armament

One part of the memo is titled «What the partner provides to NSA».  Among the bullet points, it mentions:

• «Access to Russian targets in the Kola Peninsula»
• «Reports on Russian civilian targets of mutual targets, particularly Russian energy policy»

Under the heading «success stories», NSA states that the agency is working together with the NIS to «expand and deepen the intelligence exchange, focusing on report sharing and target development on Russian political, natural resources and energy issues (…)».

The document shows that Norway has extensive access to information on Russian intelligence services from different sources. The NIS is providing information on this to the NSA.

«What NSA provides to the partner» is one of the subtitles in this document, heading a list of bullet points. The list reveals that Norway gets information on Russian counter-intelligence operations in Norway from the NSA.

The US and Norwegian intelligence agencies also exchange reports, technical data and analytical expertise on Russian military and civilian targets.

According to the NSA document, the cooperation between the NIS and NSA started in 1952 and has been expanding since.

The mission of the intelligence service is not restricted to purely military objects of interest, but is to work within all areas of interest to Norwegian government. Therefore, all branches of the government, such as the Oil and Energy Ministry, may order information from the NIS.

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President’s NSA Review Group Report

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Today, President Obama met with his Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies — Richard Clarke, Michael Morell, Geoffrey Stone, Cass Sunstein and Peter Swire — to discuss the report they submitted to the President on December 13. This meeting offered President Obama an opportunity to hear directly from the group’s members and discuss the thinking behind the 46 recommendations in their report.

Over the next several weeks, as we bring to a close the Administration’s overall review of signals intelligence, the President will work with his national security team to study the Review Group’s report, and to determine which recommendations we should implement. The President will also continue consulting with Congress as reform proposals are considered in each chamber.

NSA Review Panel NYTimes Op-Ed: Protecting Citizens, and Their Privacy

Snowden Criticizes U.S. Panel Overseeing Surveillance:

“Their job wasn’t to protect privacy or deter abuses, it was to ‘restore public confidence’ in these spying activities. Many of the recommendations they made are cosmetic changes,” Snowden said in an email exchange with the Globo TV channel.

UPDATE 01/14/2014 Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing with President’s NSA Review Group

UPDATE 01/17/2014: Obama Announces NSA Reforms (w/ Presidential Directive + Greenwald & Assange Responses)

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Soghoian & Greenwald @ LIBE Committee Inquiry on Electronic Mass Surveillance of EU Citizens

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ACLU’s Christopher Soghoian and journalist Glenn GreenwaldLIBE Committee Inquiry on Electronic Mass Surveillance of EU Citizens

(TRANSCRIPT) Christopher Soghoian Testimony

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