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Factor 8 – Tainted Blood

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Factor 8 – Tainted Blood

This is a the story of the Arkansas Prison Plasma Program which came about from a pure greed and a level of sheer incompetence which is unfathomable to most people today.

From the early 1960’s prisoners were paid to give blood which was separated into red cells and plasma. The Plasma was then used to supply haemophiliacs and patients across the world.

The belief that AIDS and Hepatitis did not travel in the Plasma was a ‘quack’ doctoring which suited the Prison System’s greed.

As you watch the video below and start to understand the depth of failure by the authorities charged with community protection, understand that there has been no apology.

This is a catastrophe in the health care which has far wider implications and goes all the way to the top Government levels.

Maybe before you watch the video…..ask yourself why you have never heard of this gross negligence and why nothing is been done.


Unfortunately the video below was DMCA’d …it is however available on The Pirate Bay as a torrent.








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