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Silk Road – we rise up 2.0

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Silk Road  “We Rise Up”  Kafka’s cockroach morphs into the foremost digital drug market.


As can be seen the staple requirements of pot, cocaine and opiates Silk Road has managed to garner a whole new market using the unrestrained PR power of getting busted by the FBI.

Add some nicely knitted stories of how the cracks appeared and how they eventually gave way under the urban myth backdrop that the owner Dread Pirate Roberts created and fertilised with ample daubs of MSM faggotory and the story writes itself.

A quick call to Jerry Bruckheimer, add some contract killings, arranged online of course, true or not , it’s still a fantastical story which serves not only DPR, (Dread Pirate Roberts) own needs (as far as a book deal/movie is concerned), but its lets a veritable menagerie  of wannabe investigative journos whip cream in the producers office.

Further complicate things by introducing Satoshi Nakamoto (read more) the mythical creator of bit coin which configures reality like a distended image on a inflating rubber ballon.

But what is all this excitement about..?

Start with only being able to access it on Tor, which immediately cuts 70% of the brain dead teen wrecks out of the equation immediately.

Secondly you need to be able to pay for it…bitcoin?…you got any?

Next …where does it get delivered…want your Grandmother’s address on the NSA watch list? it soon will be.

With a few small issues straight off we can see how a trip to local drug strip is far more appealing. But if you’re serious about your drugs…and lets face it, who isn’t, some of the literature available is interesting.

Not since the ‘Anarchist Cook Book’ have I seen a better written ‘meth’ process…the jewellery, the pill press…all needed if one is to make a go at this stuff.

The only thing I would recommend is that one provides a buffer or semi-permeable one way membrane.

One other thing which is important to realise…and this may be difficult for the people who hate to love Silk Road…it’s here to stay.

Silk Road’s transaction in Bitcoin by themselves have a definite effect on ‘Bitcoin’…and with out going all academic about it, the more Bitcoin transactions Silk Road does, the better Bitcoin does…relative of course to the other parameters that are also in effect.

In conclusion Silk Road is a part of the internet and like it or not, it’s become a part of the furniture.

To save you the trouble of doing all the hard work here is a video.

(Content at the time of this video was apprx 3000 articles. ///with a steady increase of 100+ article for sale by the hour)

UPDATE 20 Dec 2013

Further arrests have now taken place 20 Dec 2013

The three men indicted have been charged with Narcotics Trafficking, money laundering and computer hacking.

The question of extradition now looms as a very real inevitability for two of the three indicted.

Video 21st December 2013

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