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Mediastan is a documentary which isn’t really a documentary, rather it is a journey through the release of the Wikileaks Diplomatic Cables Release.

Mediastan takes place through the break away Russian Republics which all end in “stan”. The backdrop of sheer mountains and snow capped horizons is interesting enough, as you start to meet the editors and journalists that run the newspaper in the different States, the story really gets interesting.

Wikileaks plays  Perseus  thrusting a mirrored shield up to the Western Newspaper Medussa /machine and shows the Dorian Gray reflection of what is and what isn’t redacted and why.

This is done succinctly as the played scenes juxtapose a young Northern Afghan journalist against The Guardians, Allan Rusbridger.

The unpretentiousness is a complete contrast to the almost smarmy and crustacean like Rusbridger, who Julian Assange  puts on the spot regarding redacted cables.

The Afghan journalist sits down and begins a conversation with Julian Assange in a Skype call as if it is an every day event for him.


Next… the viewer is thrust into the middle of Occupy.

Insert some crowd scenes and a voice over of a reporter describing a night in Zuccotti Park and we’re in the office (meeting room) with Bill Keller.

Keller’s unique communication skill show up as a “colleague” gate crashes the meeting.

Its a fascinating insight into the major news agencies which the mass populace look to for information and opinion forming guides.

Mediastan shows just how different that means to each of the individual journalists. One concerned about what other people with money think, one that thinks of the well being of others and finally one who serves an idea.

The complexity of doing the CableGate multi – agency release starts to become clear. Having to deal with different policy and also different egos and more baggage than the Titanic.

I watched it a couple of times and was left thinking…where’s part two?

The full video below – Mediastan


As you can see JourneyMan Picture LTD have DMCA’d the full video, not after it had 20K views

so we whipped up and compressed a 94 minute video to Vimeo for your enjoyment


Reuploaded directly on LeakSource here.



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