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Greenwald Working on Snowden Leaks Relating to France and Spain

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UPDATE: 10/21/2013 NSA Spying on France: 70.3 Million Phone Calls Intercepted in 30 Days; Average of 3 Million Data Intercepts Per Day



Testifying before a Brazilian congressional panel, Greenwald accused Washington and its allies of waging a “war against journalism and the process of transparency.”

“I am learning now that the United States is using this surveillance system to punish the journalistic process,” said Greenwald, who, without elaborating, added he was working on material relating to France and Spain.

“We are undertaking high-risk journalism. We shall continue doing so until we publish the last document I have,” Greenwald told senators investigating allegations that Washington spied on Brasilia.

“I am not holding onto relevant documents nor hiding information. All that I had regarding surveillance against Brazil, and now France — I am working with French and Spanish newspapers — I publish. I don’t hold onto it,” he said in Portuguese.

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