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Al-Shabaab Brings In Reinforcements to Somalia Town Radied by U.S. Navy SEALs

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Following a sea-launched attack that targeted a seaside building in Barawe, a coastal town in Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia last Saturday, Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group reportedly beefed up its militias presence , Garowe Online reports.

Truckloads of heavily armed militias advanced towards the coastal town of Barawe in response to the raid by US navy seal team, a rare and high risk operation which missed the target after militants who are believed to be Al Shabaab Chief, Ahmed Godane’s bodyguards engaged in “ an hour long firefight” with the US Special Forces.

According to some residents who asked to remain anonymous, Al Shabaab militias have been seen vicinities along Barawe beach and several important structures which house Al Shabaab senior officials in the town.

Following the attack, Al Shabaab arrested many people including several fighters for spying and coordinating anti-Al Shabaab moves with what the extremists described white infidels and apostate government. Al Shabaab, the militant group also imposed tough curb on the information and blacked out the town’s internet service.

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