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LeakSource is Looking to Improve and Needs Your Help

In Archive on September 8, 2013 at 11:22 PM

To all loyal LeakSource readers,

For the past 2 years LeakSource has been what I consider a part-time operation, that is, I’ve only been able to do this when time permits, as like everyone else I’ve had to work a slave job to help pay the bills.

In those 2 years, LeakSource has grown immensely, including the addition of 3 all-star members, putting the LeakSource crew at 4. With almost 2,500 posts, the site has received over 2 million views with our best day breaking 100,000, and we can’t thank you enough for all the support in helping to spread the info we provide.

As I continue to think of ways to improve the site, I’m at a point where I feel I’m not doing enough. I want to do more! Like the headline at the top of our homepage says, I truly want to make LeakSource the #1 source for leaks around the world.

I want to try and make this a full-time thing, to be able to provide you with ALL important news, breaking as it happens, day in day out, on one site, categorized and archived for easy reference.

Starting today I am going to start doing that, but it will be hard to provide it consistently without your help.

I’ve never, ever asked for donations, and hate doing so, but in order to provide a high-level of service, as well as fulfill my dream of doing something I love and helping people, I need your help.

So I’ve created a donation link (and Bitcoin below). This is a one time thing, I won’t bombard you with asking, but if you appreciate the service we provide and would like to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated.

With your help we promise to always keep LeakSource ad-free, and will continue to find ways to improve the site; more original articles and videos, site upgrades, and breaking in-depth news coverage, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.

We also want to start covering big news events in person, on-the-ground coverage, something I think is severely lacking today. Mostly only major news outlets do this, spinning facts with propaganda. We want to be a voice to counteract that, bringing you the raw/uncensored truth, and asking the hard-hitting questions others won’t.

And we want your input too! What would you like us to do? What would you like us to cover? Any suggestions, scoops, we’re all ears. You can contact us at or on Twitter @LeakSourceInfo.

I never thought this small site I created could turn into what it is today, and it’s all because of you, so again, THANK YOU ALL.

No matter what, LeakSource will always be here, trying to bring you the news you need to know, wake people up, and make a difference for the better in this crazy world.

Steve aka LeakSource


Donate Bitcoins: 17Au3cxDPHjhhqUETE9NLtBtujxdaVt1b4

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