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Free Barrett Brown

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Barrett has been held without bail since his arrest on September 13th 2012.

Barrett Brown will be appearing in September and donations are urgently requested to aid his legal defence discovery.









The Ballad of Barrett Brown

CodenameFalcon on Snowden

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This is the first interview Christopher Boyce has given in 30 years.

His insights and personal experience make him an important sounding board  in a modern surveillance mad society.

CodenameFalcon has a unique insight into how NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden would be feeling and offers a possible end game scenario.

Christopher Boyce spent 25 years in jail charged with espionage in 1977.

He escaped from jail in 1980, was recaptured and finally released in 2002

His exploits along with his childhood friend Daulton Lee were immortalised in the 1985 John Schlesinger  film “The Falcon and the Snowman”

In the interview Christopher amusingly explains what it was like when the film was first shown to a room full of  spooks.

He has written a book

“The Falcon and Snowman : American Sons”


Christopher Boyce interview on Risky Business

27  September 2013

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