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June 8th 2013

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‘Blockupy’ protest hits Frankfurt: LIVE UPDATESRT

Thousands of ‘Blockupy’ protesters in Frankfurt decry austerity, police brutalityRT



Turkey opposition leader calls for snap votePressTV



“Occupy Your Home”: Confronting “Electro Pollution” and Smart Meter Toxification – GlobalResearch



Lebanese Army warns: ‘There is a plot to drag Lebanon into Syria war’ – 21stCenturyWire



Santa Monica shooting suspect, possible motive identified, officials sayLATimes


  1. Cartus – Seamless Relocation Services

    How could they have possibly pulled off Sandy Hoax? During the year 2009 a lot of homes were sold on the same date in Sandy Hook. If there was a hoax at Sandy Hook I would take a very close look at the two relocation companies: Cartus and Prudential. They could be key players in the hoax along with the DHS and the UN. The logistics of an operation of that size would need the co-operation of all of them or combination there-of. There are many ways this could have played out. There could also have been injuries during the event in which case it would be considered a false flag. Either way, it would have taken a vast amount of planning to accomplish. It just so happens Cartus has an office in Danbury just a twenty minute drive from Sandy Hook. Cartus is the oldest relocation company in the Uniter States. They serve the military as well.

    Do you remember the Keating Five banking scandal? Charles Keating’s brother is Frank Keating. Frank Keating works for President and CEO, American Bankers Association and the Bipartisan Policy Center. Policy Group choose who heads Realogy which is the parent company of Cartus. Bipartisan chose Richard Smith to head Cartus and coincidently Daniel Keating also works for Cartus so there’s a good chance all three Keatings are related. Small world isn’t it?

    If you take a closer look at some of the other names on Bipartisans board of directors (see link) you’ll find links to big banks, the military, Aspen (Carnegy group), Rockefeller. Walter Isaacson is the president and CEO of the Aspen Institute. The Aspen Institute is largely funded by foundations such as the Carnegie Corporation, The Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Ford Foundation, by seminar fees, and by individual donations. Its board of trustees includes leadersfrom politics, government, business and academia who also contribute to its support. Board members ofAspen include Madeleine Albright, Sylvia Earle, Henry Louis Gates, David Gergen, David H. Koch, Queen Noor of Jordan, and Condoleezza Rice. Walter Isaacson is President and CEO.

    Mortimer Zuckerman CEO, Boston Properties, Inc. Co-Chair, BPC Cyber Security Task Force is also on the Bipartisan board of Directors. Zuckerman and Cyber Security. See all the connections? Folks, I think we are getting close now. I’ve included the links below to support this. Now do you see the scale of this? You can clearly see that there’s nothing bipartisan about the Bipartisan group. This is one powerfull group of men and women. Jason Grumet President

    I also mentioned I am interested in Prudential and Prudential Relocation. They’re no angels either. They provide a lot of different services. During an investigation into Prudential Securities Incorporated it was found they defrauded investors of close to $8 BILLION, the largest fraud found by the SEC in US history to that point. The SEC charged that Prudential allowed rogue executives to cheat customers on a large scale and blithely ignored a 1986 SEC order to overhaul its internal enforcement of securities laws. In all, some 400,000 individual investors lost money on the deals.


  2. Sandy Hook

    Regarding your post on the Sandy Hook shooting. On the police scanner it says there is NO surveillance video. Check the police scanner #5 download and listen to the 4 minute mark. To quote the Officer in the recording he says ” there is no video” and he repeats it twice. There are two links for you to try. and

    The file name is “Sandy Hook Police Scanner 5.mp3”

    What does this mean? Well for starts it means that Governor Malloy whom drafted the legislation to seal the pictures and video he was (1) unaware that there is no video, or (2) lying about whether there is a video.

    If there’s NO video then what the hell are they hiding? This raises the question “how safe are schools”. It also begs the question “why wasn’t there any surveillance video?” This is why there’s a serious need for an inquiry into Sandy Hook and school safety. Every corner store, confectionery and 7/11 has video surveillance but Sandy Hook didn’t? If a video surveillance system wasn’t installed at the school then there’s a possible liability issue here. Without surveillance video the only evidence left is hear-say. Why would Malloy and Sedensky say there is a video? Are they confused? Don’t they know there is no video? One source says there’s a video and the other says there isn’t. Who ‘s telling the truth? This is a major discrepancy in the story. Are they going to tell us the scanner frequencies got crossed up again like the Rodia License plate numbers? What will be the excuse this time?

    What about the missing 911calls? Some are saying Sally Cox made the first 911 call. Does they exist? Attorney Sedensky said he never heard the 911 calls. It’s all starting to look like a white-wash. So who gas heard the 911 recording? Has anyone heard them???

    The story has flip flopped so many times how are we to believe anything they tell us. If that recording exists it’s evidence that is crucial to the investigation and a school safety hearing. I would suggest that everyone download all the mp3’s on the site I linked to above and listen carefully. They even mention the van.

    Someones not telling the truth, If I was a parent of kids that were going to a Connecticut school or any school I would be pushing for transparency.

    Here’s another link you may find interesting


  3. Let me preface this post by saying I know some of you have your own point of view about this subject matter and it doesn’t necessarily jive with mine, however, I only offer this personal perspective as an alternative to the common views held by others that are so vehemently pushing their own agenda. You might as well grab a coffee because this will be a long read. Last night I lay awake most of the night which is unusual for me. I started thinking about the purple van and Sandy Hook. Then I remembered someone said a Russian was in the van along with two other people who were dressed like nuns. Russian I thought? Weren’t the two Boston bombers Russian-Chechnien? And I remember reading somewhere that Russian Intelligence warned Obama about the Boston Bombers? Did they also warn him about Sandy Hook? There is good evidence out there that some people had fore-knowledge of the event at Sandy Hook. There was the post on 4Chan and the video “I am Adam Lanza” both uploaded on the 13th of December. That’s documented.

    What if Obama and the CIA knew something was brewing. Events indicate there was some fore-knowledge. The police communication systems were updated on Friday at 5:20 am. There was at least one drill scheduled the day of the shooting, possibly two. One drill was in Bridgeport. Was the other drill at the St Rosa of Lima? CNN video footage shows St Rosa of Lima in drill mode. It also seems there was a gathering taking place at the Sandy Hook Firehouse around 9:00 am according to Helicopter footage. Why was the helicopter already in the air so early if they weren’t expecting something to happen?

    I think there could have been a warning issued by Homeland Security in advance of the shooting. That would explain why there was so much secrecy surrounding the investigation. The investigation continued even after Adam Lanza is found dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School. There was a police chase involving a purple van and there were the two suspects in the bush behind the school. The police were acting as though this was an organised terrorist attack. ALL Schools in the area were locked down. It seems like they were in panic mode. I still question the logic of locking down a school, especially when the shooter is already inside. Then the police received a bomb or shooter threat at the St Rosa Church on the 16th of December and that church had to be evacuated. It was in connection to the Sandy Hook shooting. (a continued shooter event according to police audio) Warrants were sealed, legislation is rushed thru to block access to records and details about the investigation were kept secret. Finally a gag order is issued.

    Fast forward to the Boston Marathon and we see more evidence of fore-knowledge. Craft personel were on scene with sniffer dogs and bomb detection equipment in place, snipers on the roof. And lets not forget the annoucements that there was a drill in progress.

    So your probably asking where I am going with this. The word Russia keeps coming up every now and then. I am starting wonder if there’s a connection. He had a Russian made Saga rifle in the trunk of his car. The Boston Bombers were Chechnien-Russian and (I hesitate to quote him) but Duff says one of the occupants in the purple van was a Russian. Is it possible Adam Lanza collaborate with a group of foreign extremists? Was he working with Alkeida or Chechnia or the Russians? Is that why Adam was so secretive? Is that why he allegedly destroyed his computer hard drive, to protect the identity of his comrads? Richard Novia said Adam always clutched his brief case tight to his chest. What was he hiding? Here’s a Steam Community user id: I found on Steam’s website “Adam Lanza (no sound)”. Adam had a noise issue presumably because he was autistic hence the addition of no sound behind the name. It is even said he wore earplugs during the shooting. Could this be him? Note the words “Russian Federation” in the first image. Was his choice of the Russian flag an accident? (1) (2)

    Was there a terrorist threat in advance of both events? Why? Russia’s economy collapsed shortly before the turn of the century. Who was to blame for that downfall? Could they still be hold a grudge because of the collapse and the disintegration of their country. The political climate of the world has changed dramatically in the past two decades. Today, Russia is supposed to be our alley but is it really? Certain factions of Russia (Chechnia) might not agree. It almost seems like the New World Order is out of order. The USA appears to have adopted a strategy (a bad strategy) of opening the borders and letting everyone in. Once the trouble makers are inside they treat everyone like a potential terrorist, locking down schools and entire cities as was the case in Boston after the marathon.

    If Obama had fore-knowledge of the events at Sandy Hook and Boston and if he had been able to prevent them, that would be a huge feather in his cap. The drills were scheduled and security personel were placed in positioned for the perceived threat at hand. Unfortunately it didn’t happen the way they expected. If Obama had saved the day the truth about Sandy Hook would be all over the news but that didn’t happen. Was this a botched intervention? Would records show that this was an organised terrorist attack from a foreign entity or an Alkeida sleeper cell? The truth may never come out. Governor Malloy and Attorney Sedensky are certainly working hard to cover up something. Death certificates are sealed, new laws are passed and witnesses are silenced. Is there any doubt that this was orchestrated from higher up the chain of command? I have reached my own conclusion about Sandy Hook but only time will tell whether I am right or wrong. As for the rest of you, I guess you’ll have to make up your own mind. I only know that when I hear the word Russia I pay a little more attention now. By the way, did you know there’s a Russian Historic District in Connecticut?


    I leave you with an excerpt from a book Adam Lanza may have penned called “Lords of the 2112”

    If America was safe.

    “The new dogma of Earth was clear: Dog eat dog. against the Muslim Republic in a war contained solely in the Eastern Hemisphere. The Oriental layman had become nothing more than a slave for sell to the highest bidder in the world market. nation against nation—only the strongest will survive. Unified Korea. and Recognized Russia. Russian had been torn into several warring factions. Bound to treaty-created inefectiveness and sabotaged by government infiltrators. when the Muslim Republic launched her surprise attacks into the Western half of the world. Paper certificates and electronic assets meant absolutely nothing in this New World Order. The extreme conditions of societal collapse created profound 4 . each claiming right to govern. the Orient became the mighty capitalist of the world. Americans thought this would protect their home. The great number of US casualties lead to a significant world power shift and the formation of the New United Nations: A coalition of China. Japan.”


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