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June 7th 2013

In DAILY NEWS ARCHIVE on June 9, 2013 at 1:08 AM


David Cameron to attend Bilderberg group meetingGuardian

Bilderberg group summit: Cameron attendance at ‘cliche fest’ damnedGuardian

David Cameron could be forced to explain Bilderberg talksTelegraph



Zuckerberg, Page: NSA Has No ‘Direct Access’ to Facebook or Google Servers – Kevin Poulsen Via Wired

‘How little rights you have:’ Anonymous leaks more PRISM-related NSA docs – RT (DOCS / TORRENT)

Solving the Mystery of PRISM – The Compass w/ Marc Ambinder Via TheWeek

U.S. surveillance revelations deepen European fears of Web giants – Reuters

A Short Note on Information Asymmetry – Bernard Keane Via Crikey

Julian AssangeNSA, FBI programs amount to “mass spying” on Americans – CBS This Morning



Under draft bill, EU wants to raise jail time for hackers, botnet operatorsArs Technica



Warner Bros: We’re Fining File-Sharers Who Use Non Six-Strike ISPs – TorrentFreak


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