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Thank You Exxon: Mayflower, Arkansas’ New Oil Lake

In #AROilSpill, News on April 7, 2013 at 6:18 PM

AROilSpill Hand


Yesterday, activist indy news team JNL RadikalMedia did what the mainstream media won’t or can’t do, providing exclusive video from the scene of Exxon’s oil pipeline spill in Mayflower, Arkansas.

The video shows what can only be described as a lake of oil. Allegedly Exxon has been pumping the spill into this area. Exxon’s absorbent pads aka paper towels can also be seen scattered across the ground.


Raw Video: Activist’s Hand Covered in Exxon Oil


Originally the FAA issued a no-fly zone over the area, but after major scrutiny, particularly from online activists, they partially lifted order, allowing news organizations interested in filming from the air to do so.

The same does not go for media trying to cover the scene from the ground. Reporters say Exxon has threatened to have them arrested for merely entering the spill site.

More video from the scene:

Exxon Oil Fuck You

  1. Just saw this…. Thank you for sharing these pictures and videos but can you please put the source on the files so that way we know who took what? Thanks…

    -Middle finger person –


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  4. […] An independent journalist investigated the area and reported seeing a “lake of oil”. […]


  5. What’s up to every one, the contents existing at this web page are actually remarkable for people experience, well, keep up the good work fellows.


  6. Linguine, while I agree with your point, I think it’s hard to control your outrage sometimes. Also, I have found that passion moves and changes things, while disliking rarely does.
    MJ…absolutely agree!


  7. You are all doing a good job reporting but I would like to repost without so much foul language coming from all of you. It just makes you all look unprofessional. Your videos are real people showing horrific events


  8. Reblogged this on I'm on the Pursuit of Hoopiness and commented:
    Disgusting that this isn’t a top priority to news channels. “Whoever controls the media controls the mind.”


  9. I am glad that someone had the minerals to document Exxon’s growing list of atrocities. That being said, though, I want my mid-aged children (and my HS students) to know but without the profanity. It’s a low form of communication. If you intend to be taken as serious as this matter truly is, keep the language less colorful so more ages can watch.


  10. This isn’t just oil that was spoiled. This is tar sands crude oil which is a lot more toxic and abrasive than oil. That reporter was foolish to put his hand into it and I hope he doesn’t suffer any health problems because of it.


  11. […] Thank You Exxon: Mayflower, Arkansas’ New Oil Lake […]


  12. This is minor compared to what is going to happen if the Keystone XL Pipeline is up and running . If this 20″ pipe can do this to a small community , Think what it will do when the XL line leaks in the near future ! Madness , Plain and Simple ! Utter Madness !


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  14. […] won’t see this on CNN. Over at JNL RadikalMedia, they’ve gotten hold of a video documenting the consequence of Exxon’s recent Arkansas oil […]


  15. Thank you LeakSource, for your reporting. This is why the ranchers and farmers in KXL path are so concerned about their land and water. It would be a 36″ pipe buried underground (9x volume) and no possible way to clean it up when it dumps.


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  17. Oh wow, that logic is high-larious.

    Did you know that Nuclear power accounts for 12.3% of the world’s energy (2011)?

    By your logic, nuclear providers, by being essential, have earned the right to dump nuclear waste, abandon nuclear procedures, and legally threaten journalists for reporting on their actions.

    Yeah, fuck the world, I need my corporation-controlled country to succeed! *sarcasm*


  18. You may need oil to make a lot of things, but you need water to live.


  19. […] machen und alle Eigentümer enteignen und mit dem Geld versuchen zu retten was zu retten ist? Thank You Exxon: Mayflower, Arkansas’ New Oil Lake 04/07/2013 Yesterday, activist indy news team JNL RadikalMedia did what the mainstream media […]


  20. Well just about everything in modern society is built using oil.

    Our car’s and the gas for them – made from oil.

    Toaster’s and even the bread bag – made from oil.

    The internet and all of its plastic ethernet cables and fiber optic cables and servers running it – made from oil.

    That camera and now part of that hand that took the photo with the middle finger – made from oil.

    Stop using oil and that camera that snapped the photo, the server that uploaded through internet cable that said photo was transmitted through, and maybe just then I can take anti-oil people with a grain of seriousness.

    Do people seriously not know that everything is derived from oil?


    • What does that have to do with Exxon’s negligence?


    • Everyone is taking a shit regulary, but I don’t come over and shit your house.


    • Do you know thst everything oil is used for hemp can replace and cost much less, wait hemp grows I dont have to wait a billion years after I use it all.

      They are serious and oil companies arent gonna come down they will offer a great and long known solution when they decide to.

      They dont care about you why do you them.


    • Well that just makes me feel a lot better, avoid the situation at hand. Yes everything around us is made from oil, however that lake wasn’t until Exxon got ahold of it. If Americans cannot dump oil on the ground, why would it be okay for Exxon to do so? 0 accountability for an unsafe practice which harms Americans and nature alike.


    • How do you not understand that this isn’t anti-oil? This is about making sure oil companies act responsibly and in the best interest of the consumers and population instead of kow-towing to profit and power.


    • You act as if it was necessary to make things and power things with oil. There are plenty of alternatives, and the truth is every time a viable comes along big oil pays a large sum of money to make what they see as “the problem” go away. You cannot improve a technology when the corporations owning the rights to the current technology have a monopoly on the industry.


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