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Anonymous: Fuck The Pigs #FTP

In Anonymous, Archive, Barrett Brown, Hacking, Jeremy Hammond, News on March 14, 2013 at 10:09 PM

Anonymous FTP


#FreeHammond #FreeBB #FreeMattKeys #FreeAnons

We have watched as the government has systematically and methodically targeted both members of
Anonymous and those who would speak for or about Anonymous within the media.

Jeremy Hammond has already served over a year behind bars, held without bail at MCC New York. He is
to be tried before a Kafkaesque kangaroo court presided over by the same Judge who protects Hector
Xavier Monsegur, also known as “sabu”, the miserable snitch who is responsible for his arrest.

This and Judge Preska’s links to Stratfor through her husband are clear breaches of Judicial
impartiality, and yet this farce continues.

And we watch.

Barrett Brown is facing 3 seperate rounds of charges relating to a crazy youtube video, a poorly
hidden laptop and linking to a database dump in an IRC channel. Any journalists reading this
statement had better think that last part over before they risk going to jail themselves..

Speaking of which..

Matthew Keys has just been indicted for supposedly sharing admin login details of the Tribune Company
with, you guessed it, none other than Hector Xavier Monsegur (otherwise known as “that shitbird
stinking snitch fuck” and “sabu”) over two years ago. See a theme developing here yet? The law will
target those around and within Anonymous in any way that they can, and bottom feeders like sabu
will help prop up any flimsy case they happen to want to bring.

We have access to a number of law enforcement databases and systems of companies that earn their
money from law enforcement funds.

We are sitting on a lot of data, with complete credit card details and in some cases social
security numbers as well.

Some of the data is along the lines of this: |
| 10761 | |
| 10762 | |
| 10763 | |
| 10764 | |
| 10765 |
| 10766 | |
| 10767 | |
| 10768 | |
| 10771 | |
| 10772 | |
| 10773 |

And some more breadcrumbs:

| This transaction has been approved. | |
| 165 | 1111 | 3c39c46d38757cfde94c31c6cc6efc89
| 182 | 2147483647 | Array\n(\n [x_login] => *******\n [x_tran_key] => *******\n
[x_relay_response] => FALSE\n [x_delim_data] => TRUE\n [x_delim_char] => |\n [x_encap_char]
=> *\n [x_version] => 3.1\n [x_type] => AUTH_CAPTURE\n [x_method] => CC\n [x_amount]
=> 27.41\n [x_currency_code] => USD\n [x_card_num] => XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX6012\n [x_exp_date]
=> 0414\n [x_card_code] => ****\n [x_email_customer] => FALSE\n [x_email_merchant] => TRUE\n
[x_cust_id] => 182\n [x_invoice_num] => 111-dwovA1\n [x_first_name] => joseph\n
[x_last_name] => mcdonough\n [x_company] => scott county sheriff’s office\n [x_address] => 2840 pacific st\n

Oh hai scott county sheriff’s, nice transaction you got there buddy.

These databases have enabled us to put together a lot of cop dox, couple examples below for our
porcine friends.

This data will be released, there are no ultimatums here.

Gregory Durr James Ottinger
Chicago, IL Callahan, FL
10356 S. Peoria 45127 Booth Street
United States, 60643 United States, 32011
IPs: – IP:

Hello law enforcement and those who profit via you.

You should expect us, because Anonymous delivers and we do not forgive, we do not forget.

We are legion.

Via Pastebin

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