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LocalLeaks Press Release: Major Updates to the “Steubenville Files” Disclosure

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Tomorrow, the first trials of the infamous Steubenville “Rape Crew” will begin. The Staff of LocalLeaks has been working around the clock for several days to update the historic “Steubenville Files” disclosure. This press release is to inform the media and the world of the details of this latest update to the “Steubenville Files”.

The biggest and by far most important update to this disclosure is a new section detailing the massive corruption and wrong-doing of the Steubenville Police Department. This section is extremely damning, and completely refutes the claim on the “Steubenville Facts” (a site launched by the city specifically to “refute” the material in the “Steubenville Files”) website that their police and government are completely free of corruption and wrong doing. It also gives some insight into exactly why this police department has been so reluctant to robustly investigate the many crimes of the “Rape Crew”. A note to the media, if you read no other updates on this disclosure – read this one. It is incredibly important.

Next, we are releasing the audio from a series of voice-mails that were liberated from Michael Nodianos’ mobile voice-mail box by hackers shortly after the release of the now infamous video in which Nodianos “stars”. While not adding much additional information to the case, they are none the less interesting and do shed more light upon this particular member of the “Rape Crew”.

Our final major update is under the section entitled “The Rape Crew”, in which we have added a section for “Rape Crew” member Jake Howarth.

Some minor section updates that might be of interest are: a connection between Sheriff Abdalla and a member of the Gambino organized crime family, a new leak under the section on Coach Saccoccia detailing the exact information of out-of-town football team members who have had their residency faked so they can play on the Big red team – and some minor updates to the section “What REALLY Happened That Night”.

Also a reminder from our last press release, the “Steubenville Files” was moved from it’s original location to this URL:

It is also available through our main website, via the “Disclosures” button.

As was reported by numerous media outlets, the “Steubenville Files” disclosure is historic for a number of reasons. One of which was the sheer volume (approx. 1000) leaks that we received in the space of about a month. We are pleased to announce that after many long hours by dedicated LocalLeaks Staff, every bit of this material we received has now been organized in a database, cross indexed and searchable. While this database is for internal use only to protect our sources, we would like to share some stats that may aid the media in understanding the historic nature of this disclosure.

The database contains 25 main directories and dozens of sub-directories. It contains over 2000 files and is approx. 600 Mb in size.

Despite the outrageous claims made by the City of Steubenville on their website, we believe that the “Steubenville Files” disclosure now contains the most comprehensive, detailed and FACTUAL information on these terrible crimes committed by these young men. And the Staff of LocalLeaks would like to point out the following facts. Not one single individual who is profiled in the “Steubenville Files” has ever contacted us to refute the material in the disclosure. And despite LocalLeaks having a robust and publicly accessible legal team, none of the profiled individuals have had their attorneys make any contact with LocalLeaks to demand retraction of the material presented.

We will, along with the media, residents of Steubenville – and the world, watch with great interest to see if some small measure of justice is done for Jane Doe.

SINCERELY — LocalLeaks

LocalLeaks –

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