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Bradley Manning’s Providence Inquiry Statement (Official/Redacted)

In Bradley Manning, Manning, News on March 11, 2013 at 6:38 PM

Bradley Manning


The Defense has been given permission to publish a redacted version of the statement PFC Manning read during his providence inquiry on 28 February 2013 where he pled guilty to certain lesser included offenses.

PFC Manning wrote his statement over the course of several days while in pretrial confinement.  Although the confinement facility authorized PFC Manning access to a computer to type the statement, he was not permitted to save any information on the computer.  This restriction required PFC Manning to print whatever he had typed at the end of each day.  Accordingly, there are several pages where the typed information ends prior to the bottom of the page.

David Coombs Via ArmyCourtMartialDefense

  1. […] Last year, the CCR legally petitioned the military to make all rulings, motions, and filings in Manning’s case public, contending that the First Amendment requires contemporaneous access to these records. Without officially responding to that suit, the Department of Defense released 84 documents in late February 2013. Since then, they’ve only released one more document – Manning’s statement (redacted). […]


  2. […] out based on her notes, but it took the court a little under two weeks to issue a version. That transcript redacted, among other things, the names of Mr. Manning’s boyfriend and aunt, which would hardly seem to be […]


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