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Pregnant Woman Body-Slammed & Hog-Tied By California Police Over Cell Phone Use In Car Wins $250,000 Settlement

In News, Police Brutality on February 19, 2013 at 7:34 PM



A pregnant woman who was body slammed and hog-tied by California police for using her cell phone while in her vehicle has won a $250,000 settlement as the disturbing video of the incident caught on police camera begins to go viral. Notice near the end of the video when the police officer walks back to the car and notices that the video is rolling. You can clearly see him utter a term of anger at the camera. The footage proved vital in the outcome.

The pregnant Los Angeles woman who was brutally hogtied by California Highway Patrolmen in August 2011 after being pulled over for chatting on her cell phone while driving has finally received retribution in the form of a $250,000 settlement.

Based on the police report, Tamara Gaglione, 30, was hauled away and charged with misdemeanor evading and resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license.

Those charges were dropped, however, once Gaglione’s terrible treatment was revealed in footage from the cruiser’s video camera.

After the charges were dismissed, Gaglione pleaded no contest to a simple infraction of using her cellphone while driving.

Gaglione later sued the CHP and the five officers and one sergeant involved in the incident, alleging that her civil rights had been violated and that she had been subjected to excessive force and malicious prosecution.

Before any of the CHP officers could be deposed and the video admitted as evidence, CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow agreed in August to settle the suit. The state paid $250,000 to Gaglione in November.

CHP officials declined to discuss the incident, saying only that both sides concluded that settling the lawsuit for $250,000 was in the best interest of everyone.

“The CHP conducted a review of the tactics and, as necessary, took appropriate action,” said Fran Clader, department spokeswoman.

The involved officers remain on the force.

For Gaglione, now the mother of a 9-month old son, the incident on the freeway changed her life, she said. She left Los Angeles, where she worked as nanny and ran a pet care business.

“I will always be scared of police officers because of these knuckleheads,” she said.

  1. this LITERALLY made me want to vomit. She deserved 250,000 from EACH ONE OF THOSE FREAKING IDIOTS! Even to my eye, she was very nervous about pulling over in an OBVIOUSLY unsafe place(notice how she IMMEDIATELY put her blinker on and pulled over….decided it was unsafe, and although it appeared that she was attempting to flee, MOST likely she KNEW there was a larger area to pull over just up the road….REGARDLESS, it was ALSO OBVIOUS TO EVEN THE MOST IDIOTIC that she NEVER ONCE fought back and HAD NOTHING IN HER HANDS! Sheesh! These officers deserve more than I can even think of right now…and I can think of alot….Maybe THEIR wives or daughters will be treated to this kind of HORROR if they get caught talking on their cells, better yet, the officers should be…..they don’t follow the laws many times anyway….because I’ve SEEN them doing the VERY thing they pulled her over for….stupid, stupid people. :/


  2. our new ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeericaaaaaaaa fubar fubo


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