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Daniel Ellsberg: Obama, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Senators Voting for Indefinite Detention Are “Enemies of the Constitution”

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American Government Claims Power that Even King George Didn’t Claim

Daniel Ellsberg said this week:

[The indefinite detention provision of the defense bill] allows you to put an American citizen – a civilian – in military custody, treated like Bradley Manning in the marine barracks right now, indefinitely – without charges – that’s not a fight that we had to make in 1776

King George the Third didn’t have the power.  No King of England had that power since John the First.

Indeed, even Hitler and Stalin didn’t claim that power.

Ellsberg continues:

So here we have a president – a democratic president – who’s wiping out the Magna Carta, as well as the Constitution. [Indeed.]


The senators supporting the indefinite detention provisions are well-described as “enemies of the constitution of the United States“.

And I’m afraid that this is true of the [current] president of the United States, having gone along with it … and encouraged it earlier.  [And it’s also true for] every senator who voted for it.


Bush, Cheney – in particular – Addington [Cheneys top aide and lawyer] and Rumsfeld … were – and I don’t mean this rhetorically – enemies of the Constitution.

Via Washington’s Blog


  1. dan you are so right! it is very sad but than again we are dealing with pharaoh barak insane obama! fubar to the max!!!!!!!!!!!! FUBO!!!!!!!!


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