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Canada’s Bill C-55 – Warrantless Wiretapping in Emergencies

In Big Brother, Canada, News, OpBigBrother, Other Leaks, Science & Technology on February 12, 2013 at 1:52 AM


Overshadowed by news that the Canadian government had abandoned the “Internet Snooping” Bill C-30, was the first announcement Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson made today. The  introduction of a bill to update provisions that would allow for warrantless phone tapping in emergencies.

Canadian law allows police to wiretap without authorization from a court when there is the risk of imminent harm, such as a kidnapping or bomb threat, but the Supreme Court last year struck down the law and gave Parliament 12 months to rewrite another one.

The new bill, C-55, would give peace officers the right to secretly intercept private communications without a warrant in relatively rare, urgent situations. Someone whose communications had been intercepted in situations of imminent harm would have to be notified by police within 90 days.

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  2. 90 days ba day one!!!!!!!

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