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FBI Spied On & Terrorized Aaron Swartz

In Aaron Swartz, Anonymous, News, Science & Technology on January 20, 2013 at 6:32 AM


David Segal, friend of recently deceased Aaron Swartz gave a speech at a memorial service at the great hall of Copper Union in NYC on January 19th 2013. David Segal is the executive director of Demand Progress. David talks about discovering FOIA documents with Aaron, that detailed the FBI spying on Aaron and his family.

To find out more about Aaron and the future projects dedicated to his legacy, check out this site

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  1. Not surprising, since the FBI (feebs) are the #1 criminal organization in the United States. They think they can do whatever they want, no consequences, because so far, there haven’t been any. Then they get no respect, either. Always remember they are evil. Never trust them, ever.

  2. […] Related Link: FBI Spied On & Terrorized Aaron Swartz […]

  3. […] Related Link: FBI Spied On & Terrorized Aaron Swartz […]

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