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LulzSec/AntiSec Release! Barack Hussein Obama The II d0x3d!

In Anonymous, Archive, Barack Obama, Hacking, LulzSec, NWO, OpSyria, Other Leaks, Politics, Science & Technology, USA, USA, World Revolution on January 9, 2013 at 2:35 AM



Ohai guise!!!! Long time no see 😀

We got the latest d0x from ol’ Barack Obama here! Let’s have fun enjoying how much he makes! his classified/family and finacial shit shall we =D

All credit for the d0x goes to – LulzSec And AntiSec ~

Now let’s dive into the booty of it all shall we. Brace yourself mates and let’s dive in the mind of Barack Hussein Obama the II AkA Ze True Terrorizt…

PS: A strong message from AntiSec comes at the bottom of this rare and cummed all over pastebin.. #OpSyria….

Why do the d0x on him? Open your eyes buddy… Open your eyes…Idiot..


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