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Sheriff Abdalla & NaziGods Member Proton on Rogue Radio 01/06/2013

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Rogue Radio hosts Alan and Sick Pirate along with NaziGods member Proton were able to contact Jefferson County’s Sheriff Fred Abdalla.

Abdalla has suffered the wrath of the hacktivist community as of late, after he was quoted calling Anonymous and #OpRollRedRoll supporters idiots, and then saying he was coming after Anonymous during a press conference.

In response, Abdalla’s personal information and driver’s license photo have been leaked, the Jefferson County Sheriff website has been DDoS’d, down for more than 24 hours now, and the “Steubenville Facts” website has been hacked and administrator emails leaked.

Surpringly, Abdalla spoke on the show for over 20 minutes. Most importantly he is now on record as saying that he will pursue any leads and evidence sent to him, and will arrest anyone that was involved.

  1. Now everyone with a computer knows Fred Abdalla is corrupt. You’re a disgrace to the police force. Thank God I don’t live in Ohio.


  2. […] Sheriff Abdalla & NaziGods Member Proton on Rogue Radio 01/06/2013 ( […]


  3. Deputy Dawg? More like Boss Hog wannabe. Town full of old corrupt men thinking they can itimidate anons and FBI. Sorry Charlie, Trix are for Kids. “Kindness and Courage for Justice” wins every time. Evil doers have been exposed, the world know their names.


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