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Warren Rodwell – Bob Carr Plays Cool

In Australia, News, Other Leaks, Viral Videos on January 3, 2013 at 8:31 AM

Warren Rodwell was kidnapped  in the Philippines by militants on December 5th 2011.

In June 2012  he appeared in a video stating the demands for money  which would be trade for his safe return

Nothing was heard from Rodwell until December 2012, when a second video was released online.


After what must have been an eternity for Warren Rodwell…Bob Carr, Foreign Minister for Australia as well as a disproportional  amount of time and effort building his own business along the way, has FINALLY acknowledged the Warren Rodwell case.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr  expressed his deep concern at the prolonged captivity of Mr Rodwell but welcomed evidence he was still alive. A video has been sent to close relatives in January which in some parts Mr Rodwell spells out his lack of the confidence in the Australian Government said the government was assisting Philippines authorities and was in contact with Mr Rodwell’s family.

“The Philippines government has the lead in response to this case and is devoting significant resources to securing Mr Rodwell’s release,” he said.

Earlier this year, Mr Rodwell’s family made a plea for privacy, with experts yesterday saying media exposure could increase the ransom.

The government’s management of ransom cases has come under scrutiny following criticism of its handling of the capture of Australian photojournalist Nigel Brennan and his Canadian colleague Amanda Lindhout by Somali kidnappers.

The pair was freed in 2009 after 15 months’ imprisonment after entrepreneur Dick Smith underwrote a crisis management team to handle the negotiations and arrange the rescue.

The kidnap consultant who advised the Brennan family, John Chase, yesterday said he believed the government was right to try to minimise media coverage.

Update archive and Warren Rodwell’s book below

472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf The Survival of Australian Warren Rodwell

  1. Bob Carr is the coolest man on the planet. He has done nothing. Six months is a long time to live in a jungle. Before we know it it will be 2 years. Hey dude, bobbie Carr get of your bum and do something. We are watching you.

    can someone please do something

  2. after the 5th of dec 2011. is when he got taken. we had him stay with us in 2010. my husband has know him for 18yrs. we got told on the tv. nice one. fiona started help save warren rodwell. as australians you never leave your mate behind. so why since 2011 has the goverment. who is suppose too work and help us.. Do you have any idea, how it feel worry thing of your mate since 2011. when have no idea. whats its been like. please start doing some thing . they think australians are weak. and really dont care about there only. its your chance too prove them wrong. but i swear. if he dies. this country. this goverment will have blood on his hands for ever.

  3. Filipina marriage scams occur when a woman lures an unsuspecting Western man into her dangerous web with promises of love and devotion. The man who is usually from the United States, United Kingdom, or Australia falls in love with the person the Filipino woman is pretending to be and marries her. Once the deceptive woman gets what she wants out of the marriage, she discards her husband. Sometimes, the Filipina will trash the husband’s reputation in the process, and if there are children involved the situation becomes even more frightening.

    The one’s who have gained out of this kidnapping crime are the terrorists and the local Filipino wife. Strange that she kept using her maiden name. Why didn’t she sell his house and the water filling station as she claimed, (but was quickly exposed to be untrue) to raise ransom money?

    After release, MIraflor (Grace) Gutang said, “When I go there (to the hospital) I want to see him, I want to taking care of him, I want him to meet me but the guards said Warren don’t want to see me in person,” she said. Mr Rodwell was lucky to get out of this ordeal. Perhaps. He preferred to stay alive without her in the same country as him.

  4. There was a media blackout imposed by both the Australian and Philippine governments. However, full details surrounding the kidnapping of Warren Rodwell in Mindanao are available in hardcover and Kindle book form.

    NON FICTION BOOK (Biography) by Bob East PhD (Independent Researcher) (2015) :
    “472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf – The Survival of Australian Warren Rodwell”

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