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Interview: Scott Olsen on His Lawsuit Against the Oakland Police Department

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On October 25th 2011, Iraq War Veteran Scott Olsen was shot in the head with a beanbag round, by the Oakland Police Department, while standing peacefully between demonstrators and police at a protest following the eviction of the Occupy Oakland camp. After a long recovery, and one legal claim against the city rejected, Scott has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Oakland and OPD. The lawsuit identifies Robert Roche as the officer who threw a tear gas grenade at protesters who were trying to come to Scott’s aid that night, as well as 50 “Does”, since the identity of the officer who fired the near lethal shot still remains unnamed.

Political Fail Blog was honored to be invited to Scott’s home in the days after filing the lawsuit, to ask him some questions and get some of his thoughts about the lawsuit, among other things, like the Code of Silence we so often see ingrained in law enforcement and military personnel.

The complaint states “ Defendants’ actions that caused Scott Olsen’s injuries were intentional. Despicable, oppressive, punitive and malicious, and done with a willful and conscious disregard of Mr. Olsen’d rights and safety, justifying an award of punitive damages.”

The lawsuit contains 10 causes of action which include: Excessive Use of Force, Failure to Train, Failure to Supervise, Violation of First Amendment Right to Free Speech, Failure to Provide Medical Treatment, (yes, OPD shot Scott in the head, and then failed to treat or assist in any fashion, in fact, protesters drove him to the hospital), Battery, and Negligence.

As many people wonder what the outcome of the lawsuit will be, as far as compensation for Scott’s health care, and loss of income as a direct result of OPD brutality, we had to ask.

“As far as monetary damages, that’s undetermined and we have several points listed that would be determined during the trial,” Olsen told us.

Scott also also told us that he does not want to settle the suit out of court, and looks forward to taking it to trial in order to hold the police department accountable.

“I really don’t want to settle this lawsuit out and keep quite and get my money. I would rather take it to trial and make a big deal about it and hold them [OPD] accountable,” Olsen added.

Read the law suit here.

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