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Israelis Against War with Iran

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As the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu sharpens his rhetoric against Iran; the threat of war is looming, this despite the fact that many Israelis remain opposed to the idea of such a strike.

Opposition that stems from a belief that such an action would not only be ineffective but would also pull the region in a long conflict with dire outcomes for all.

But apparently opposition to such an action is also contradictory to Orthodoxy Judaism, explains one Rabbi.

Iran maintains that its nuclear program is peaceful in nature and is currently cooperating with the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Recently former Mossad chief Meir Dagan drew a lot of criticism from the Israeli cabinet when he made his opposition to a military strike against Iran. Dagan has warned that Israel would be in a serious situation for a long time should it attack Iran.

One may wonder if this idea of a military strike on Iran’s nuclear sites is mainstream among Israelis. Some has even said that the current Israeli leadership is entirely making up the idea of an Iranian threat in order to divert the Israeli public and indeed the whole world from Israel’s long occupation of the Palestinian territories.



Some Israeli activists are showing the power of social media, creating a Facebook page called “Israel ❤ Iran”. It has gained attention quickly and even made it to mainstream media coverage within a day of being started.






UK activists from the ‘Stop the War Coalition’ have held a day of action to speak out against war with Iran. Protesters took to the streets of 15 major British cities. In Israel, hundreds marched in Tel Aviv protesting the war.

The coalition’s unit in Nottingham declares on its website, that the United States has always been “tempted to use its overwhelming military strength” to try to make up for its relative economic decline, exacerbated by the current crisis.

“This means that the target is shifting to Iran and Syria. There are continual calls for intervention in Syria, and the war of words with Iran continually threatens to boil over into a war of aircraft carriers and bombs in the Straits of Hormuz,” the activists say.

The protesters compare what they call “current hysteria against Iran” with 2002 debates over the invasion of Iraq. At that time they feared war against Iraq was fatally approaching and held massive demonstrations against it.

Just as before the Iraq war, many experts are also warning to strike Iran would carry too many risks for the US and Israel. But campaigners say observers cannot stop the war.

“We heard it back in 2002. An attack on Iraq would have incalculable consequences across the region, we were told, and therefore will not be risked. Right and wrong, as we now know,” anti-war protesters believe.

They regret they could not prevent what they call “failed wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan, but reiterate that public opinion is a major threat to those pushing another war in the Middle East. Now they are calling for everyone to come to the streets and protest the gathering threat of war.

“Just as we’re winding down the disastrous and unnecessary war in Iraq, the very same people who misled our nation into invading Iraq are now saying that now we need to attack Iran,” they say.

The marches come as immense tension grows around Iran’s nuclear program, which has resulted in sanctions imposed by the US and EU.

­Hundreds of Israelis protest war against Iran

­Hundreds of anti-war activists have rallied in Tel Aviv to warn the authorities against a potential attack on Iran. Protesters began their march at Tel Aviv’s Habima Square, before making their way to the city’s Meir Park.

Campaigners fear that mounting pressure could escalate into all-out war, the effects of which would reverberate globally.

The protest grew following a recent spontaneous Facebook campaign in which large numbers Israeli and Iranian citizens united in their opposition to potential war between their countries. The initiators of the phenomenon, however, explained on their Facebook page that they had nothing to do with the Tel Aviv protest march, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports.

The campaign was launched last week by graphic designer Ronny Edry and his wife, Michal Tamir, who uploaded a poster onto their Facebook page which depicted Edry and his daughter with the words, “Iranians, we will never bomb your country, we [heart] you.”

The image sparked a whole movement, with many other people sending their own similar messages from Israel, Iran, and elsewhere in the world.

On Saturday, participants on the march held signs with such captions as “No to War with Iran,” and “Talks, not Bombs,” as well as “No to pre-emptive suicide.”

Recent polls suggest that some 58 per cent of Israeli citizens are against any military strike, RT’s Paula Slier reports from Tel Aviv.

Europe, Israel and the US have accused Iran of enriching uranium in order to build a nuclear weapon.They say the Islamic Republic conceived the data on nuclear experiments.

The sanctions against Iran came after a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency, released in November last year. The UN inspectors raised questions about a possible military dimension to Iran’s program.

Iran vehemently denies the accusations and reiterates that its program is solely for civilian energy and medical research.

Jeremy Corbyn the chair of the ‘Stop the War Coalition’ told RT that isolating Iran and allowing Israel to continue with its threats will lead to very dangerous developments.

“The way forward has to be de-escalating the tension and denuclearizing the region, otherwise somebody somewhere is going to develop a nuclear weapon,” he said.

He urged people to think about the consequences of a possible attack on Iran, saying it would dramatically affect the world economy and result in an incalculable loss of people should it happen.

“If we let slip the dogs of war, we will all regret it,” he concluded.

REVEALED: Why Obama & MSM are Pushing Trayvon Martin Case

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Obama has exploited the tragic and fatal shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin, who was shot by a neighborhood watch captain in a Florida gated community targeted in numerous burglaries.


Obama made his comments during a press conference in the Rose Garden announcing a nominee for the World Bank, described as a “multinational development institution” by the New York Times (more accurately described as an international bankster loan shark operation).

Obama said that “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

“I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this,” Obama said. “All of us have to do some soul searching to figure out how does something like this happen.”

“Obviously, this is a tragedy. I can only imagine what these parents are going through. When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.”

“I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened,” he said.

The New York Times tried to minimize Obama’s obvious politicalization of the case by stating that he avoided “politically charged specifics about the case.” It mentioned that Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney had also talked about the shooting.

Obama’s comments follow an effort to turn the case into a major civil rights battle and cause célèbre with opportunists like the Rev. Al Sharpton grabbing the limelight. The Chicago Tribune notes that the case has drawn in many politicians and celebrities, many complaining that “the wheels of justice are moving too slowly” and that the suspect in the case should be immediately arrested and locked up.

The case is shaping up into a major civil rights issue with the NAACP, Urban League, and a host of black elected officials calling for the suspect, George Zimmerman, to be arrested.

Sharpton and the civil rights careerists, however, rarely if ever mention the facts when it comes to supposedly racially motivated crime.


According to FBI statistics, more than 1,600 whites are murdered by blacks each year, a rate that is 18 times the rate of white people killing blacks.

“Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery,” writes Ken LaRive, who cites federal crime reports backed up by the FBI’s National Crime Victimization Survey.

“Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife,” he adds. “Hispanics commit three times more violent crimes than whites, but the statistics are nebulous because sometimes they are classified as white, so it could be far higher.”

For Sharpton and the politically correct race-baiters, however, such facts are irrelevant and distract from their victimization agenda and its goal of preferential treatment and a prized place at the government’s confiscated wealth trough.

It comes as no surprise that Obama would exploit the Trayvon Martin case. He is a master at playing the race card. As journalist Walter E. Williams – who happens to be black – has noted, Obama’s racially tinted speech is “usually coded and subtle” and the Martin case is no exception.

Following Obama’s presidential victory, it became obvious his administration, establishment Democrats, and so-called “progressives” would use race as a political bludgeon against their opponents.

The liberal corporate media has played this game incessantly with chattering heads like Chris Matthews leading the charge in baseless accusations that establishment Republicans are racist. Ron Paul, in particular, has been repeatedly victimized by this sort of viciousness.

It remains to be seen if Obama will drag the dead body of Trayvon Martin behind him as he works his way through the campaign season toward the election in November. It cannot be discounted, however, considering polls showing narrow margins between Obama and his hand-picked opponents.



Obama is using the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin as a political diversion from his failed administration. He has even tried to put himself in the story by saying Trayvon looks like the son he never had. This is shameless exploitation at its most disgusting. Now we learn the police have a report from the night of the shooting that says Martin jumped on Zimmerman.




A witness we haven’t heard from before paints a much different picture than we’ve seen so far of what happened the night 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.

The night of that shooting, police say there was a witness who saw it all.

Our sister station, FOX 35 in Orlando, has spoken to that witness.

What Sanford Police investigators have in the folder, they put together on the killing of Trayvon Martin few know about.

The file now sits in the hands of the state attorney. Now that file is just weeks away from being opened to a grand jury.

It shows more now about why police believed that night that George Zimmerman shouldn’t have gone to jail.

Zimmerman called 911 and told dispatchers he was following a teen. The dispatcher told Zimmerman not to.

And from that moment to the shooting, details are few.

But one man’s testimony could be key for the police.

“The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: ‘help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,” he said.

Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red.

The witness only wanted to be identified as “John,” and didn’t not want to be shown on camera.

His statements to police were instrumental, because police backed up Zimmerman’s claims, saying those screams on the 911 call are those of Zimmerman.

“When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point,” John said.

Zimmerman says the shooting was self defense. According to information released on the Sanford city website, Zimmerman said he was going back to his SUV when he was attacked by the teen.

Sanford police say Zimmerman was bloody in his face and head, and the back of his shirt was wet and had grass stains, indicating a struggle took place before the shooting.




City Commissioner Patty Mahany represents the Sanford community where 17-year Trayvon Martin was shot and killed. She talked exclusively with FOX 35 Tuesday about what investigators briefed her on and why she thinks people are jumping to conclusions.

“The limited knowledge I have of the case is that the Sanford Police Department is confident it is not Trayvon Martin crying for help on the tape, that it is George Zimmerman.” She says she’s also been told there was only one gun-shot, not two, the other sound appears to be a door being slammed.

But not everyone is in agreement with the commissioner. She showed FOX 35 hundreds of hate-emails that she’s received from people around the world.

“It’s good to know that murder is legal in Sanford, Florida,” wrote someone from Lubbock, TX. A woman from Ashland, Oregon wrote, “This is purely race-related.”

Mahany also said, “I feel like the whole world is rushing to judgment and we don’t even know if that’s Trayvon Martin’s voice on that tape.” She said she wants justice for what happened to Trayvon Martin on that fatal February night, but thinks people should wait for the grand jury’s decision, before they form their conclusions.

“Nobody is willing to step back and take a few minutes and say wait a minute it’s in the hands of the state attorney. Justice will take place, but justice doesn’t take place rapidly,” Mahany said.

She also said Sanford is not a racist community and her constituents are praying for Martin’s family. Mahany also went on to say, “People are deeply saddened just absolutely heart broken for Trayvon and his family.”

Mahany fears people are losing their faith in the system.

“I have no reason to believe there is any corruption or that there’s been any inappropriate behavior, so I am standing by our police chief.”

A spokesperson for the Sanford police department told FOX 35 Tuesday he is unaware of talk between the commissioner and investigators regarding the 9-1-1 calls.

The police chief was not available for comment as of this report.

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