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Israeli Super PAC Plot to Stop Ron Paul

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“Adelson uses his money to abuse or anoint Israeli Prime Ministers and American Presidents” – Wayne Barrett, The Daily Beast
Source: “Is Gingrich’s Hard Line on Palestine Paid for by Sheldon Adelson?”

Ron Paul, a popular Southern conservative who supports states’ rights, supposedly came in fourth place in the South Carolina Republican primary on Saturday, January 21.  The winner, according to the tally produced by the privately-owned voting machine company ES&S, was Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich is supported by Sheldon Adelson, the Zionist casino billionaire who supports the most extreme hard-liners in the right-wing Likud in Israel.  The Gingrich campaign received a $5 million donation from Sheldon Adelson the week before he “won” the South Carolina primary.  Gingrich calls the indigenous Palestinian population an “invented” people and supports Israel’s right to attack Iran as “self defense”.  Gingrich told CNN he would help Israel attack Iran and would move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem on his first day in office by executive order.  These are the hard-line positions Adelson is paying Gingrich to espouse.

Mitt Romney is supported by the Crown family of Chicago, a Zionist family that is closely connected to Israeli military intelligence.  Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, is supported by Sheldon Adelson, a Zionist billionaire who works closely with the same people.  Are these different factions or is this a Zionist plot that has the same goal?

The Zionist strategy is to stop the very popular conservative Ron Paul.  Because there is obviously no candidate that can beat Paul in popularity or on the issues, the Zionists are supporting a slew of venal candidates in order to steal as many votes as possible from Paul.  These candidates are essentially a gang of Zionist-funded candidates who form the anti-Paul coalition.

One can state as fact – not theory, that Israel and its supporters in the US are actively working to derail Ron Paul’s race towards the GOP nomination, and the Presidency. This fact alone, should be cause for alarm from even the most moderate of public corridors.  Should a foreign country, in this case Israel, be allowed to buy a significant influence through the media in American democratic elections?  Should candidates be allowed to accept donations – even indirectly, from foreign interest PACs or agents thereof, thus creating a serious conflict of interest, and threat to national security?Patrick Henningsen, Global Research
Source: “Israeli Lobby launch new Super PAC effort to bring down Ron Paul”

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