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Police Agent Provocateurs – a short history

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“Police Agent Provocateurs – a short history”

Police Agent Provocateurs, (PAP) have been appearing at public demonstrations with a single intent to cause disturbance and spark violence.

The video below, “Police Agent Provocateurs – a short history” shows police agent provocateurs being caught out at different demonstrations.


Firstly in Montebello, Quebec. 20 th August 2007. Peaceful protestors quell a group of what is later admittedly police agent provocateurs. They try to disrupt the  Stop the SSP picket line, however they are thwarted and make the admission that they are in fact Police.

Second is from the University of Pittsburgh 26 th September 2011. A non-vioent protest against police brutality is interrupted by the “exposing” of a number of under cover police who jostle the crowd, which is made up mostly of young women and men.

The #OccupyRome protests were also proven to have PAP’s (Police Agent Provocateurs) working in amongst the crowd and in this picture it can be clearly seen the ‘arrested’ protestors have the same boots as their ‘arresting’ police counterparts.


Finally from Canada another example of PAP’s as clearly seen , men dressed in hooded jackets , all black apparel, are quiet obviusly let in through the police line as it closes.




If you present at an Occupy just take a look at the person next to you, it could be a cop.

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