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OccupyMelbourne – the beginning

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Occupy Melbourne


October 15 th 2011 brought the OccupyWallStreet movement to the ‘old city square’ on the corner of Collins Street and Swanston Street in the centre of Melbourne’s CBD.


The First Night  2:00 am 16 th October 2011


The Second Day 17 th October 2011


Still with no electricity or livestream up the logistics group have just as importantly secured 24 hour access to toilets and wash rooms which are adjacent to the City Square. People are in high spirits as the early indicators show that the protest has grass roots support as seen from the Nurses Uion, Builders and Transport workers.

The video below is from the second day at OccupyMelbourne. Albert Langer speaks offering some direction to the general assembly process.

Albert Langer is perhaps arguably Australia’s first political consciousness prisoner as Albert took on the Australian Electoral Commission which led to him spending time as a guest of Her Majesty Prison System for contempt. The 329 (a) was a controversial blackout  on ‘how to vote”.






  1. zeta is not to be confused with the group pole shift earth changes which uses same name
    a cristian based group all clear rodger


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