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F-35: The Politics of Procurement

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CPAC Special 04/20/2011

Canada needs a new fleet of fighter jets to replace the decades’ old CF-18s, but which aircraft at what cost? The government has already decided that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the only one that can meet the military’s needs. The opposition is fighting the purchase because it’s being made without a competition from aircraft makers. When completed the acquisition will be the largest military equipment purchase in Canadian history.

Respected military journalist Scott Taylor will hear from all sides of the debate and gets exclusive access to some of the most advanced aerial fighter machines on the planet as he examines F-35: The Politics of Procurement.


To buy or not to buy?

For Canadian defence, this has been key procurement question over the past year. And it’s caused a political firestorm on Parliament Hill and along the campaign trail.

The F-35 Lightning II has been tabbed as the next-generation fighter of choice by Canada, the United States, and a host of other Western nations. Canada pledged last July to buy 65 jets to replace the military’s CF-18 fleet, but has not signed a formal contract with Lockheed Martin.

Opposition parties have lambasted the decision to sole-source a multi-billion deal without an open competition. A parade of ministers, bureaucrats, and military experts went before parliamentary committees this winter to justify or condemn the plan.

Scott Taylor, publisher of Esprit de Corps magazine and a noted military journalist, has returned to CPAC with a documentary that explores the procurement process and the arguments for and against moving forward with the F-35 program.

In F-35: The Politics of Procurement, supporters point to the jet’s superior stealth capability. Skeptics wonder why Canadian national security requires such a fighter.

Taylor also provides an exclusive tour of Lockheed Martin’s main plant in Fort Worth, Texas – including a close-up view of an F-35 Lightning II with the chief test pilot. And he visits Boeing’s St. Louis facility to see the competing Super Hornet design.


The price tag on the F-35 purchase remains the major point of contention. The Department of National Defence has forecast a total cost of $16 to $18 billion for the 65 jets, which would begin arriving in 2016.

The cost estimate per plane in July 2010 was $75 million. This spring the U.S. Government Accountability Office put the figure at $110 to $115 million. And Canada’s parliamentary budget officer has forecast a cost of between $148 and $163 million.

In the United States, President Barack Obama has asked the Pentagon to cut $400 billion over the next 13 years. The Pentagon may reduce its F-35 order as a consequence, according to reports.

Questions also remain about how many F-35s the British will buy, as the Cameron government commits to greater fiscal austerity. Other JSF partners have delayed a final decision.

The fewer jets purchased, the higher cost per plane for other JSF nations, according to Taylor.


Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay, and other Conservatives have pointed to Canada’s nearly 15-year participation in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program, which began under Jean Chrétien’s Liberal government. Lockheed Martin and Boeing competed for the right to develop the new fighter for participating countries: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, and Australia).

American and Britain experts selected the former’s prototype in 2001. Canada, which signed a memorandum of understanding  has contributed more than $200 million to the design and production process, according to the Department of National Defence.

The Conservatives remain committed to the program, arguing in their election platform that: “it was and is the best option for Canada.” They also point to the spinoff benefits for Canada’s aerospace industry.

Harper has said increasing production costs in the United States will not affect Canada’s purchase price.

Meanwhile, the Liberals have promised to cancel the purchase and hold an open competition. Michael Ignatieff has said the F-35’s rising costs would cut into future government spending on health care.

The NDP would also halt the process and review the F-35 as part of a defence policy review.

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Yemeni Youth Declaration

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The Yemeni Youth Declaration

This channel was created to show the truth of The Yemen Youth Revolution.
The Government tried to hide the killing of people with cold blood from the whole world and closed all the International TV channels Offices in Yemen, prevented them from broadcasting , and all Foreigner Journalists have been asked to leave .
This is just because the people asked for change and Democracy!
All the videos were categorized into groups depending on the type of events and the place:

On behalf of the youths of the Yemeni revolution,
We are, the Yemeni youths, writing this declaration to explain the situation in Yemen from the sight of the Yemeni youths and clarify our aims and requests. Millions of people are protesting in a civilized peaceful manner to request the change of the Yemeni President (Ali Abdullah Saleh ) and ruling party
This Channel was created in order to be a witness of the peaceful revolution In Yemen and how the government is killing people with cold blood.
This is an archive for all the events happened in our Revolution, so that everyone in the wold can know the truth.
Innocent people are dying every day. They have even used snipers to shoot people deliberately on head. In Sana’a around 62 people killed in one night and more than 1000 injured, similar case happened in Taiz two days ago. In Aden only, more than 14 people have been killed and tens are injured on 25 of February only, and around 34 people killed since the beginning of the revolution, the number is exceeding 300 injured since 16 of February. This massacre that has occurred and is still occurring in Yemen is a terrifying fact hidden from the whole world.

Currently, people all around Yemen have united and are protesting loudly in all cities to seek the same aim, the fall of the system.
Here, we ask the entire world, all global organizations, the human rights watch to witness what is happening in the Republic of Yemen. The government is trying to hide the truth by forcing the journalists of International TV channels to leave the country and threatened them by death in case they have tried to show any of what is happening in the country to the whole world. We request the whole world to stand beside us. We want change to occur. We want civilization. We want a developed country. We only want a chance to have a better respectful life. Finally, we want peace to take place. We ask you to come and see the truth on the land and witness the methods the government uses to abort our revolution violently. We seek your help.
The Youths of the Yemeni Revolution

Our channel address:

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