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P.J. Crowley Talks About Bradley Manning Remarks

In Bradley Manning, Manning, News, WikiLeaks on March 29, 2011 at 8:45 AM


P.J. Crowley was, until two weeks ago, US Assistant Secretary of State for Public affairs.

He resigned under heavy political pressure after describing the Pentagon’s treatment of Bradley Manning, the US soldier suspected of spilling secrets to WikiLeaks as “counterproductive and stupid”.

Private Manning is being held at a maximum security jail, in shackles and in solitary confinement.

In an exclusive interview for HARDtalk Mr. Crowley told Stephen Sackur he didn’t regret expressing his views, but declined to say whether he had been asked to resign.

P.J. Crowley also spoke to Shep Smith on Fox Report, standing by his comments about Bradley Manning saying, “Just because an activity might be legal or legitimate, doesn’t make it right in terms of policy. That’s what I expressed to the students at MIT, that’s what I believe, and I’ll keep expressing this view.”

P.J. Crowley also wrote an article today in the Guardian titled “Why I Called Bradley Manning’s Treatment ‘Stupid’.”

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