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Libya No-Fly Zone Will Result In Occupation

In Libya, News, NWO, World Revolution on March 10, 2011 at 11:48 PM

America has learned from the Tunisia and Egypt revolutions, and is making sure they take full advantage of the ongoing revolution in Libya. The MSM propaganda machine is working hard pushing for a no-fly zone, and at the same time the U.S. government is secretly making deals with Saudi Arabia to help arm Libyan rebel forces. And it’s not just America, Britain has also been caught trying to help the rebels, with news of SAS soldiers being detained after a midnight helicopter entrance into Libya. They have since been released.

This must be made clear, a no-fly zone would be considered an act of war, and would first require Libya’s air defense systems to be bombed/destroyed. Not only that, but look what has happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s called “Humanitarian Imperialism.” A no-fly zone, no matter if it’s carried out by the U.S., U.K, or U.N., will result in nothing but another occupation.

Rep. Ron Paul spoke in Congress today, and expressed his stance on a Libyan no-fly zone. He said:

“It is my opinion that we should not. It would be foolish, it would have a downside, and we should think very, very carefully, before we go expanding the wars that we are already involved in.”

“We have to remember, a no-fly zone is an act of war.”

“There’s no Constitutional authority for a President to willy-nilly go and start placing no-fly zones over countries around the world.

He mentions the no-fly zone and sanctions imposed on Iraq, and it ending up in a war based on lies, saying, “We went to war when we shouldn’t have gone to war.”

He goes on to say:

“To expand this war now makes no sense whatsoever. It’s against International Law, it challenges the War Powers Resolution, and for that reason we should stop and think. Congress should act. I am preparing to introduce a resolution next week, so that the Executive Branch can’t do this without approval from the Congress. Why should we do this?”

“This is the kind of thing that has been going on for too long, and contributes significantly to our bankruptcy.”

He finishes by saying:

“If we want to do something for humanity, we need a new foreign policy. A foreign policy that isn’t based on Militarism, it’s built on more co-operation and more trade, and not picking our dictators.”

Let’s hope Dr. Paul’s words don’t go unheard, and America heads his advice to not intervene in the Libyan revolution, because once the U.S. is in a country, they don’t like to leave.

  1. It also is quite clear to me that the only one in the “Nation of Washington” with any balls is Ron Paul. The rest of Congress is basically a waste of space just collecting fat paychecks and sucking off the people like a parasite.

    Go ahead Obama, occupy Libya and escalate a World War 3. Only one question, “when we’re all gone who will by your ice cream and smokes and who will pay for Queen Michelle’s trips abroadif there is any “abroad” left?”

    You sure ain’t gonna get shit from me and mine not as long as I draw a patriotic breath.

    Support our troops. Bring them home!


  2. I am with Ron Paul 100%, a no-fly zone is an act of war.But where will Obama get the additional troops. It may be McCain’s wet dream come true, a draft. There are not enough people to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the other occupied U.S. territories so this is the only option aside from packing up and coming home to what is left of the USA. Like that would ever happen.

    U.S. government, the best government money can buy!


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