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Amn Dawla Leaks: Egyptian Security Force Files

In Egypt, Other Leaks, WikiLeaks, World Revolution on March 6, 2011 at 10:24 PM

Friday night, thousands of protesters reportedly seized control of the Egyptian Security Force’s headquarters (Amn Dawla) in Alexandria, Cairo, Nasr City, and Lazoghly.

Protesters were able to collect files from some of the buildings, including information on prisoner torture, corruption, and much more. Some have started a new “leaks” website, Amn Dawla Leaks, in order to start distributing the Egyptian Security Force files to the world.


Amn Dawla Leaks Homepage

Amn Dawla Leaks Twitter

Amn Dawla Leaks Updates

Click the photo below to view some of the first Amn Dawla Leaks files posted online.

More Coverage:

WikiLeaks offered support through their Twitter page:

“Egyptians: Don’t throw away #AmnDawla shredded paper! We have the world’s best shredder reconstruction team on hand.”

“Egyptians: Here is an example of anti-shredding, used to piece together the Stasi (German SS) archives

WikiLeaks also tweeted:

“For those asking did US know of #AmnDawla torture – they knew and rendered terrorism suspects to Egypt to be tortured”


Egypt Arrests 47 Officers for Destroying Documents

Egypt has ordered the arrest of 47 state security officers accused of burning documents, in a bid to placate protesters who say information is being destroyed to cover up state abuses and violations.

The Prosecutor General’s office will hold the officers and security personnel for 15 days pending an investigation, it said in a statement on Monday.

Update 2:

Amndawla Leaks Reveals Gamal Mubarak & Egypt State Security Behind Sharm el-Sheikh Bombings

One main revelation that has come out in the first days involves a bombing that up to this point was believed to have been perpetrated by Bedouins or Islamists. In the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, about eighty-eight people were killed.

The document describes three car bombs that are to be detonated at the first entrance of the Movenpick Hotel. The second is to be detonated near the hotel and the third is to be detonated at a hotel in the village of Movenpick. All sites of detonation are intended to damage property owned by Hussein Salem. The bombings are planned for Revolution Day, a day that commemorates Gamal Abdel Nasser’s overthrow of King Farouk in 1952.

Prince Mohammed Hashim, Osama Mahmoud Raafat Meselhi and Ziad Abdel-Rahim all agree to terms of implementation on January 29, 2005. The zero hour is scheduled for “the first hour on the morning of 7/23/2005.” It is agreed that the operation will not “depart from the periphery of the parties which combined the same parties that will explode cars when they are inside and thus the process becomes terminated forever.”

The equipment is agreed to be “equipped” and ready on July 20, 2005. The document reveals the bombings were ordered by Gamal Mubarak and former head of the Interior Ministry Habib el-Adly (who since the fall of Mubarak been indicted). The motivation for the bombing, revealed in another document, is a gas deal with Israel. Mubarak believes he must seek revenge because Salem “triggered” a reduction in his commission for the deal from 10% to 5%.

ElBadil writes in their coverage of the document that the Minister of Interior report, which became the official story in Egypt, reads at 1:15 am three locations were bombed in the “P-town of Sharm el-Sheikh.” Islamic elements targeted Ghazala Garden, the Old Market and “a location of the microbus near Naama Bay.” The first blast in the “bazaar” was car bomb that killed 17 people. A bomb stashed in a backpck and placed next to Movenpick Hotel exploded next and killed six tourists. And then, in a hotel in Naama Bay, 45 people were killed.

After the bombing, twenty-five were arrested, as Egypt went after Bedouins they believed were responsible for the bombings. Jonathan Steele, who was The Guardian’s foreign correspondent at the time, appeared on Democracy Now! and reported:

The police still don’t know really which lead to follow. As you say, there are five different groups that have made claims, but no evidence that any of them could be serious. They may or may not be, but there’s nothing to point to it other than just purely the web statements. And I think most people now assume that the link is more with the bombings last October, which appears to have been done by local Egyptian militants of one kind. It’s not quite sure exactly what their purpose was, although obviously Taba is very close to Israel, so it would be connected with the Egyptian-Israeli issue. Egypt, after all, is the country that is most closely connected in the Arab world with Israel. It still has diplomatic relations. And people therefore think it’s not to do with al-Qaeda, it’s not to do with Osama bin Laden; it’s much more to do with Egyptian militants.

  1. Can anyone begin posting English translations of any of the documents?


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